What Houston is saying about Revolve...
Dec. 10, 2010 ... " Revolve Dance Company is the kind of ensemble that makes dancing look effortless when you know full well it isn't " ... complete review by Nichelle Strzepek Click here for article

It's a Weekend of Free Dance at Miller Outdoor Theater ... Who will you Discover? Culture Map article by Nancy Wozny ... Click here for article

Review of Dance Source Houston's 16th Annual Weekend of Contemporary Dance, 2010 ... Click here for article

"Revolve is always a stand out...The dancers with stunning technique were all flawless, each one displaying a personal understanding of the material and a sensitivity to the movement."- Nick Nesmith from WordPress.com, 2009

"Set to music by various indie artists such as Ani DiFranco, and The NoTwist, Veldink's unique choreography fuses a technical vocabulary with human gestures and postures, provides an exciting landscape for the artists of Revolve Dance Company and The Wes Veldink Movement to merge vulnerability and honesty... a true Revolution in contemporary dance."- REvolution , Houston Arts Alliance, artshound.com, 2007

"There is more to be seen and other languages this company can speak- even those that are uniquely and more arrestingly their own. If this is what Revolve can do in retrospective rewind, then there is much more to come as they push forwad- full speed ahead."- REvolution, Randall Flinn, Dan Source Houston, 2007

"This is one troupe to keep an eye on."- Nancy Wozny, Dance Source Houston, 2007

..."Revolve fuses ballet, hip-hop, and jazz to create fun and entertaining dances." - Nancy Wozny, DanceHunter, 2006